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I’ve designed the Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy to be THE most comprehensive online sleep program available and the only program with a strong focus on emotional wellness. You will have ALL the tools I wish I knew when I was a first-time parent when my son wouldn’t sleep and had colic and reflux. The tools you’ll receive could save you from hundreds or thousands of sleepless nights. You have nothing to lose but more sleep! Join close to 1,000 families to date who have helped their little ones sleep better. I can’t wait to help yours!

Founder, Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consulting

Newborn Sleep

The Newborn Sleep Academy teaches you everything you need to know about newborn sleep to help you start off with great sleep habits from day 1. Lots of cuddles are encouraged without “sleep training.”

Emotional wellness and attachment is the top priority.

Baby Sleep

Baby not sleeping? Are you receiving advice from everyone you meet and it’s probably all conflicting?

If so, you’re in the right place to learn everything you need to know about sleep and the best solution for your baby based on age, temperament, parenting preference and sleep challenge – all with a strong focus on emotional wellness.

Toddler Sleep

Are you frustrated with bedtime battles? Frequent night wakings? Extra early mornings? Tantrums? A little one who won’t stay in their bed?

Learn how to help your little one sleep better using very effective, and fun techniques. No need to leave your little one to cry AT ALL!

Bonus Lessons

Do you love a bonus? How about three bonuses?

These three bonus lessons were put together to support you through common challenges faced by parents of babies and young children.

Whether you’re expanding your family, going back to work or struggling with sleep yourself, these bonus lessons have you covered!

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Happy Parents

Thank you so much!

Thanks so much, Mary! The difference is amazing in such a short space of time. We’ve cleared our diary to focus on naps to get those wake windows in and I really think it’s working and he’s even gone down tonight without the dummy! Bedtime used to be a bit of a battle as now I realise he was overtired, now it’s calm and a lovely time together. xx – Siobhan

Just an update

We’re now a world away from where we were! For the past 2/3 days we’ve had a 2-hour nap from midday and a nighttime sleep of 7-7:30 without interruption. I’m so relieved! Just wanted to say thank you! To have somewhere to turn when things are hard is a huge help. xx – Louise

Started with the videos on Monday

By making changes to the sleep environment & watching the wake windows there’s a huge improvement in daytime sleep already. I am prioritising sleep above everything and it’s made such a difference. Thank you, Mary from the bottom of my heart! – Lorna

Thanks for the support!

Thanks for the support  and tips not to change anything. It’s hard not to over analyze why a baby starts to wake more but just waiting it out and not stressing about it has been the best thing in the past and now. Love the videos! – Crystal

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