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What will you learn?

SO much! Are you ready to become a sleep expert for your little one? You’re about to learn everything you need to know about age-appropriate sleep for your family! Age-appropriate sleep is key. There’s an enormous difference in sleep between a 4-week-old, a 6-month-old and a 3-year-old. Understanding what to expect and when to expect it is essential. Understanding sleep science is essential to sleep success. The Sleep Basics section takes you through step-by-step lessons to give you all the tools you need to get started. You can make easy and simple changes after the first lesson and frequently see amazing results right away (without tears).  Emotional wellness is a strong focus throughout the course, which makes our program unique as traditionally it hasn’t been a focus for most sleep consultants. Making changes in a way that promotes secure attachment, bonding and emotional health is encouraged throughout, and your parenting choices are respected.
Using the everything you’ve learned in the first two sections will lead you to the third section, where you’ll learn additional tools and techniques to help improve sleep. There are methods and techniques available to suit your parenting preferences.

Going through the first two sections is essential because it’s building the foundations to sound sleep. Having the basics well-established will lead to long-term sleep success.

You aren’t interested in just helping your little guy to sleep better for two or three days, right?

I didn’t think so!

The fourth section – Sleep Stealers, will give you the tools to deal with any of the common sleep challenges that come up. Whether it’s a developmental regression, you want to move your little one to their own room, stop extra early morning wake-ups, transition naps and MUCH, MUCH more, these topics are covered in the Sleep Stealers section.

Our focus is on emotional wellness as well as sleep science and proven techniques, meaning you’ll receive a holistic approach to sleep and parenting

Meet your instructor!

Mary Foster

Mary Foster

Sleep Consultant & Founder

Mary is a mum of three, wife of one and is very passionate about helping your family sleep better. She had a full indoctrination to sleep challenges with her oldest, who had a combination of colic and reflux and would not sleep without being held 24/7 and would not lie down. Without understanding the full impact of reflux, she felt like a failure as a parent. Her G.P. wasn’t much help when she suggested to “put him down, close the door, and go back in the morning.” She switched G.P.’s immediately. There’s NO way she would do that with an 8-week-old, or ever.

Mary has worked with close to 900 hundred families in 11 countries to get the healthy sleep they need.

Living in England with her husband, Gavin, and their three kids, Mary is originally from Canada, and she loves to travel. She’s been to 52 countries so far.