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You’re definitely not alone! The sleep struggle is real! It can just be very isolating if you’re surrounded by friends who have good sleepers. You’ll meet other parents facing the same struggles that you are in a safe and supportive environment.

Expert Advice

You may be receiving advice on sleep from everyone you meet but it may be great advice. After supporting over 800 families, I have a lot of experience supporting a wide variety of sleep challenges, temperaments and medical conditions. As my first focus is always on emotional wellness and proven sleep science, you’ll receive sleep tips from an expert, not from the lady in your baby group who just suggests leaving her to cry-it-out

Events and Special Offers

As a member of the Sleepy Lambs #Sleep Tips group, you’ll be invited to sleep Q&A sessions, more support and exclusive offers on Sleep Academy and 30 Days to Better Sleep offers.

The Rules


Be Supportive

You never know what anyone is truly facing and the effects of sleep deprivation can be significant, triggering depression, mental health challenges, marital challenges and more. Everyone has a different approach to parenthood, needs and circumstances. Anyone making unsupportive, threatening, shaming or aggressive comments will be immediately banned. Any type of bullying will not be tolerated.

No Spam

It probably goes without saying, but no SPAM allowed. With “SPAM” we’re not referring to the American ham substitute but posting links not related to parenting or the topic at hand, posting advertising, other opportunities etc.

Help & share

A community is only if members actually participate. One of our missions is to ensure parents don’t feel alone in this journey in parenthood and especially sleep challenges and sleep deprivation. Please support and share your experiences – good and bad. We can all learn from each other!