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This video series will provide you with answers to some of your questions and a bit of insight into being a sleep consultant. It can be stressful and scary to make a big decision, but don't be scared! I'm hoping this video series will help you decide whether this is a good fit for you!

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How much money could I expect to make at first and then once I was set up? 

Would I be able to do the training or work as a sleep consultant while I continue to work full time?

What does the final project entail? 

Will there be specific territories?

Does a specific territory mean I'm only able to work with clients in that territory?

How long will it take to make my initial investment back?

What happens if I decide to take a break or quit?

Do you have payment plans in place?

Do you have a guarantee?

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Full refund period ends on 19 September, which means you will have access to the first 3 weeks of lessons and the first 3 group calls and, if you decide it's not the right fit, you'll get a full refund.

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