1- Year Sleep Bundle

£59.00 for 1 year

Great Sleep Support!

These three courses will offer a full understanding of sleep for newborns through to age 4-6.

You’ll have the tools and tricks to know what to expect regarding sleep habits, schedules and routines as well as age-appropriate activities for good emotional health, sample schedules from 4-months to pre-schooler, as well as the best ways to improve sleep based on your little one’s age.

1-year of access!

Let’s get started!


*1-year Access!* Sleep challenges come up at all stages, and the Infinity Sleep Bundle is the right choice for you!

Access to all three courses allows you to learn about each stage and give you the age-appropriate tools to handle whatever comes up. Separation anxiety? Colic? 4-month sleep regression? Teething? Reflux? Bedtime battles? The list goes on and on!

You have nothing to lose, (except great sleep) with our 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t find the tools helpful within 30 days, you get your money back.