Newborn Sleep Academy

£29.00 for 1 year

Having a newborn can be exhausting but what if it doesn’t have to be?

The Sleepy Lambs Newborn Sleep Academy gives you the tools to help your sweet newborn sleep better with a focus on emotional wellness.

No tears or sleep training involved, just the foundations that make an enormous difference to newborn sleep. This information will help carry you through the months and years ahead, by establishing excellent habits from the start!

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Congratulations on the arrival (or impending arrival) of your newborn!

Are you ready to learn all about newborn sleep? How about the tricks to help your newborn sleep better and longer?

There is absolutely NO sleep training involved, and you don’t need to leave your baby alone for a minute.

There is so much you can do to help your newborn get the healthy sleep they need and for you to get some rest too! With over 35 videos, you’ll be a sleep expert in no time!

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