Toddlers & Young Children

£29.00 for 1 year

So many parents think sleep challenges end at the baby stage, but the truth is, they often get worse for toddlers and young children.

What’s different? The focus on emotional wellness and health is even stronger, as separation anxiety can make sleep challenges even more difficult.

The tips and tools you will gain in this course will make it easier as you get through the toddler years. I promise that you will have lots of fun too!

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Sleep challenges for toddlers and young children are entirely different than they are with babies.

Good sleep is essential as young children learn to explore the world around them. Being rested helps with learning, health, and avoiding extra tantrums. It’s normal for them to test but let’s face it, we ALL are more prone to outbursts when we’re not getting enough sleep.

Whether it’s bedtime battles, won’t stay in bed, extra early mornings, or up repeatedly in the night, we’ve got the answers for you!

Traditional sleep training is not something that is effective in young children so we’ll give you the tools to reduce the battles, not create them! Join us!

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